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Finished the final interview for the new Cloud Orchid Magazine issue. We are finalizing the draft and will be publishing soon. We are so excited to be back on board. Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice had a lot of adjustments to make in our new lives, and we’re grateful that our readers and fans have continued to contribute to the magazine despite delays. We can’t wait to bring everyone more beautiful issues and art books.

Submit to Cloud Orchid Magazine and L’Art L’art D’Obscurité at

Be sure to include which publication you are submitting for in the subject. We take fashion and artistic photography, as well as fine arts, short stories, and poetry.

Feel free to submit for our blog too!

Custom Books: Crippled Inspiration - 2012 Mansfield Reformatory Retrspective

Bam, 5th publication released n the last month! First Cloud Orchid Magazine Fall issue, 2nd Redline Fashion show special edition, 3rd Not In Kansas a 250 page book showcasing work from the event, then L’art D’Obscurite’ our first edition in the Art Book series. Now we are bringing you 208 pages of photography, poems, and interviews showcasing the Cloud Orchid Team and Brett Stoddart’s work form our 2012 trip to the Mansfield Reformatory.  

Models include Brooklyn Sky, Seth Nayes, Little Alice, Ophelia Darkly, Erin Pribyl, and Acid Grave. Photography by Bryan Thompson and Brett Stoddart. Original Poetry by Little Alice.

Read it online, or on your IPad for free.  Then buy a print copy to keep and support your favorite independent publisher!

Cloud Orchid Magazine - Fashion Show Special Editions: Redline Repurposed Fashion Show 2013

Read online for free!

RedLine Milwaukee is a nonprofit urban laboratory where art, education, and community converge. Launched in 2009, RedLine supports contemporary artists and designers in developing and advancing their careers through a rigorous, competitive two-year residency program, socially relevant exhibitions, public workshops and classes, and unique opportunities like the annual RePurposed Runway Design Competition and Fusion Fashion Show. 

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